Retro Pink Truck + Flower Delivery Lid

Load up on springtime tulips with a whimiscal warmer resembling an old-fashioned pickup! Headlights and taillights are always aglow to ensure a clear path.

Please note: Flower Delivery Lid not sold separately.

Bloom-ing Marvelous

Spring blossoms dance in the sun alongside ripened red currant and gentle hints of golden amber.

Bloom-ing Marvelous is available in a variety of Scentsy products:

  • Scentsy Bars: The classic way to experience Scentsy fragrance. Each bar is packed with long-lasting scent and can be broken into cubes to use in your warmer.
  • Scentsy Pods: Perfect for on-the-go fragrance. Simply pop a pod into your Scentsy Pod Warmer and enjoy!
  • Scentsy Room Spray: A quick and easy way to freshen up any room.
  • Scentsy Scent Circle: Discreet and long-lasting, perfect for cars, closets, or drawers.

Looking to add a touch of spring sunshine to your home? The Retro Pink Truck Warmer and Bloom-ing Marvelous fragrance are the perfect combination! These products are 10% off in April and after that, are while supplies last!

Add the Bloom-ing Marvelous wax bar to your Scentsy Club in May to take advantage of the Scentsy Always Get My Bar!

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